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    6.) Encounter Dice Info


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    6.) Encounter Dice Info Empty 6.) Encounter Dice Info

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:03 pm

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Coolte13
    Here on Wonder Tale, we use Dice to decide what we encounter. From materials to enemies, each dice offers a unique amount of faces and choices. With bigger risk, comes bigger rewards. See the dice below to see the possible outcomes.

    Note: You cannot roll more than 5 dice total in a single post.

    [Types of Dice]
    Basic Dice

    [Special Dice]

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    6.) Encounter Dice Info Empty Re: 6.) Encounter Dice Info

    Post by Admin on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:48 pm

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Coolte19

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Zombie10
    Zombie: This is a single lone walker who tends to get distracted easily. When they appear they will start to head straight for you. However they are mindless and often end up getting trapped.
    [HP: 10, DMG: 5] [Worth : 1 AP]

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Zombie12
    Goblin: This shit disturber is lone and here to terrorize. He'll sprint at you from distances away trying to loot everything you have. There's no way around him. Fortunately, he's weak and useless.
    [HP: 20, DMG: 3] [Worth : 1 AP]

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Zombie11
    Gold: If you found this, it must be your lucky day! Sometimes coins are left behind by other adventurers. Chances are they won't come back for it. You get 25 Coins.

    6.) Encounter Dice Info Zombie136.) Encounter Dice Info Zombie14
    Sword & Staff: Fortunately, it seems as if weapons littered the streets. They're perfect for picking up and using. However if your class can't use then, then they will only be half as effective. It's suggested you keep these for later. You never know when a friend may need a weapon!

    6.) Encounter Dice Info 258xl3t
    "Why would anyone leave this sword behind?"

    Type: One-Handed Sword
    DMG: 5
    HP: 12
    6.) Encounter Dice Info 2n6hkia
    It's just a metal pipe.

    Type: One-Handed Stave
    DMG: 4
    HP: 15

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