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    So you want to know my story? Here it is.


    So you want to know my story? Here it is.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:59 pm


    For those who actually give a shayt and want to know my characters story. I'll post all of his flash backs here. You can always ask me what thread the flash backs are in. But if you are too lazy to find it or to read the non flash back stuff in the rp just read the flash backs here. (I suggest you read the whole rp >_> character growth yo~) Anywho lets get a cracking. Behold the untold, the uncensored, the behind the scenes life of my character Albert (AKA Albutt). If you gonna read the stories and stuff, I ask of you DO NOT POST SHAYT HERE. If you do. I will hunt you down IC and feed you to a horde of zombies. With that said I'll leave the links bellow and such. Click em if you want to read the whole rp. Anywho hope you enjoy. Prepare for one hell of a cliche feelstrip! Oh yeah by the way I used the characters from one of my favorite animes as their FC's (Anime: Your lie in April, watch the anime. It's good.) Also WARNING all the flash backs are in first person. If you dun like it, take a hike.


    Should I live? Or Should I survive? [Part 2]

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    Re: So you want to know my story? Here it is.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:01 am


    ~The season was once again changing... The ever blooming world continued to thrive while a lone soul stood alone.... Alone in the cross roads of hopelessness and despair. The only thing this soul was carrying was the burden of his past, his uncertainty of who he was. This souls constant questioning about his transparent existence... This soul in search for validation... In search for his proof of life... Yes the seasons where changing, while one soul was left to rot... It was April....A lie told in April that plunged the soul in and out of darkness... That lost soul was me... and the lie... The most beautiful lie in April, was you... ~

    Re: So you want to know my story? Here it is.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:07 am


    ~I remember...Yeah I remember.....Yeah...My life, the simple actions.....The automated life....Cue the smile....I smile....Cue the laugh.....I laugh....Cue the smart ass remarks......I sarcastically make a statement...Cue the "I'm okay!"....I say "I'm okay"....Life was Hollow....Yeah no better way to put it.....hollow, empty, void of reason....Haha... Yeah I wondered how I got this far....To me everything was just the same color.....all of it....just monotone~

    Re: So you want to know my story? Here it is.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:08 am

    ~"Hey Albert, you going?" one of my classmates asked me. It was some type of volunteer thing for one of my classes in middle school, AVID?... Yeah something like that. Well anyway, the class was set up so students could know the ropes to getting into a good college. One the requirements in the class was to have volunteer hours. I was short a crap ton of hours, this was the one of the few events I could do to at least meet half of the damn quota.

    "Yeah....I have to go....I don't even have any hours on me." I sighed as I packed up my things getting ready for my next class.

    "Wow...You are stupid.....Ms.Chanduri is gonna kill you." laughed another another classmate.

    "Shut up Ricardo, working at your uncles taco truck doesn't really count as 'community' service ya know." I smirked as I rolled my bag out the door. (And yes, I had those rolly back packs, actually it was one of those luggage bags, you know? the kind that you use to travel.)

    "Damn that's racist! It's cuz I'm Mexican. You damn dog eating Filipino." chuckled my classmate.

    "Nah man you are no Mexican...From all the epic fails I've seen you're more like a MexiCAN'T" I said smirked as I shot another witty remark, then I was out the door.

    ....A few days later the event came around the corner. We had to clean some random park, it was joint effort with some rich private city middle school. The class wasn't so thrilled after all we came from a broke ass school who made a name for itself for being one of the most 'ghetto' schools. But whatever, I couldn't give a half ass during that day....All I wanted was to go home and get this stupid event over with. The volunteer event was on a Saturday, all of us Parkway kids loaded up on a cheap faded stereotypical yellow bus and we headed off to the city to where the park was located...~

    Re: So you want to know my story? Here it is.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:11 am

    ~I stepped out the bus. The sun was beating my eyes to death...I never went outside much. I Didn't want to deal with people and their bullshit...But these where one of the few times I had to venture out to the unknown due the damn requirements placed on each and every student. I wasn't particularly thrilled. My school, we had a uniform. This was to avoid "students wearing gang colors" we even had a stupid rule that banned the colors blue, and red. But it was a Saturday not to mention we where off campus so we weren't bound to those rules. I was wearing a white collard shirt over an old sweater vest. Gray jeans and some worn sneakers. Not the smartest thing to wear when you're off cleaning a park, but it didn't matter to me.

    When we got there the other school was already waiting for us. I noticed that they came in a much, much nicer bus than we did. We approached them, said our hellos. The person leading the vent was some fat jolly man with some Asian lady backing him up. They explained that we where just to pick up garbage and find recyclable materials. They handed us some plastic bags and some gloves. They also told us not to pick up dead animals, needles, etc. A few minutes later we split into groups, some students from my school and some students from the other school. However in my group, I was the only Parkway kid, the rest of my group was two kids from the other school. They wore nice school uniforms, One of them was a girl the other was a guy.

    "Yo. My Names Albert. From Parkway." I said introducing myself to them.

    "Hey! My names Darren." replied the the male student.

    "Hiya! my names Saki. Nice to meet you." smiled the girl. I had to admit she was pretty cute, she was Asian. The guy was Caucasian.

    "So...Uh...Is it just us?"

    "No we have one more person, my friend Jessica....I'm not to sure where she went...She's probably off on her own slacking off."

    "Yeah. Lets go look for her. Oh uhm by the way. Nice to meet you Albert"

    "Yeah, same."~

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    Re: So you want to know my story? Here it is.

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