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    The New World


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    The New World Empty The New World

    Post by Itchy on Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:13 pm

    Wonder Tale: The Cursed Server

    "It's just another Dead World."

    Everyone remembered when the first game was released. It was worldwide. Everyone in every country played it. People from all ages enjoyed the game. Some even quit their jobs to explore this new world. They called it Yggdrasil. It was the most popular game to date. But then The Apocalypse happened. It wasn't like a zombie outbreak, or the end of days. In a simple sense, people's minds were being sucked into this game, and some even disappeared. No one could explain why. Everyone returned with stories of being trapped in the game for years on end. Some people were never the same, while others changed for the better. Not a single person could explain how or why it happened. No one understood why. They blamed the system, the AI, as well as the servers themselves. They simply shut down the servers to prevent it from ever happening again . . . but then someone created a new game.

    Years since the event, a new game was created. It received mass controversy. It was called Wonder Tale. All the previous players of Yggdrasil knew what this could lead to. They knew what it would bring. After all, it was hosted on the same Cursed Server.

    So will you play the game?
    [Yes] / [No]

    Wonder Tale: Day 0ne
    [What will you find in this world?]


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