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    Jack Abyss

    Jack Abyss
    Jack Abyss

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    Character Name: Jack Abyss
    HP: 30
    MP: 30

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    Post by Jack Abyss on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:26 am

    Jack Abyss RQCH87o
    Name: Jack Slasher
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Server: West Coast
    Classification: Adventurer

    Jack Abyss JPcbXJK
    Name: Jack Crimson
    Race: Elven
    Gender: Male
    Age Range:Young
    Face Claim: (Gunji [Togainu No Chi])
    Appearance: Jack is the interesting fellow that stands hidden in the back with a deathly smirk on his face. This funny, blond haired fellow has abs of steel which definitely show in a stunning tone, Eyes as white as a vampiric priestess, and arms that are heavy and large like heavy artillery. Jack often wears a cloak and uses knifes or claws in order to assassinate enemies or targets. His cloak is often dyed crimson red to reassemble his inner pain and as a warning to those around him to stay away. He also loves to wear black boots that glisten with the blood of those he has killed.    

    Personality: Jack is the type of person that doesn't change his personality from either world. he is almost exactly the same in both the game and physical world; Which in one word is "Insane". One thing about Jack is that he likes to smile and laugh at things and by 'Things' I mean pain, Torture, sorrow, and most of all, Death. Jack is one crazy maniac who goes to funerals for fun and is super obsessed with the dead, the coldness of the world and most of all the wonders and magic of blood. The reason he chose the 'Monk' Class in game is to be thee opposite of what a monk usually stands for, in fact, his goal is to murder all religious players, NPC, and to be a nightmare for the healer/priest like classes. He is the kind of person who wants to make his name shine in blood and gore throughout both worlds. Reading this you may have guessed already that Jack is a player killer and often spends his time with a 'Red' name for all to see who he truly is. Jack wants to be the most wanted Character in all of Wonder Tale and he doesn't care what he has to do in order to level up. Even though we have already spoken of Jacks Insane personality he has a small amount of saneness still left in him and a massive amount of both respect and Loyalty to those who have helped him through his journeys. Overall, Jack is the most insane, Hyena-like Assassin that you can find; Mix that in a party of other characters to achieve victory in both battle and treasure. Not many people have the intense blood lust and power hunger that Jack has, Not to mention a total respect of Death and the process of it all. Jack is one creepy, Handsome, and fearsome fellow.     (Minimum of 300 words. Please include how you are both in-game, and behind the screen.)

    History: Jack has been playing games like Wonder tale for quite some time and was actually one of the victims of the last server which had trapped many within its world. He was part of a group who went insane and was one of the founders of a P.K. Guild called 'Smoking Rabbit'. Even though he made his way out of that world he had been obsessed with the arts of killing. He joined Wonder tale to get his mind off killing people in Real Life and to start his guild back up in this game. He has only played for a day but instantly got the hang of things because it reminded him of the last game. Jack wants to bring destruction and blood to either this game or the real world. Either way he plans on having a wonderful blood infused time in whatever he is to do. another reason he decided to join the game is to find his long lost allies that were in the last game and possibly drive others to the point of insanity so they can cherish the fine reality of loosing there minds along with him. All in all Jack has high hopes for this game and will do everything in his power to be feared by all.

    Jack Abyss Iefosi
    Main Class: Monk
    Role Class: Hitman
    Sub Class: N/A
    Crafting Class: Blacksmith

    Equipment Mastery : Ranged
    Passively, the user gains the ability to use bows, crossbows, throwing weapons, and firearms. This skill allows the use of additional equipment at the cost of not being able to use as many action skills. This does not allow the use of the new equipment in other skills unless it is states. However classes that are already proficient with this equipment will find this ability useless.

    It is highly discouraged to dual wield as it promotes less accuracy and proficiency. This skill however allows the user to have a second weapon in use to cause more damage at the trade off of defense. The Ambidexterity skill passively lifts the dual-wielding penalty from equipping two one-handed weapons or two shields. This skill does nothing for a Swashbuckler, since they already possess a beginner skill which does the same purpose.

    Skill Name:

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 4)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 7)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 10)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 13)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 16)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 19)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 22)

    Skill Name:
    (Slot unlocked at level 25)


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