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    Starting Classes (3)


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    Starting Classes (3) Empty Starting Classes (3)

    Post by Itchy on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:17 pm

    Starting Classes (3) 2dihpqfStarting Classes (3) W1wtuwStarting Classes (3) 110j2wi

    We good with these starts then? As I add more classes, it'll be an easy swap over to the new classes.

    Swashbuckler, Samurai & Sorcerer

    Starting Classes (3) Bi9f7s
    Samurai are a difficult class to use. Like Guardians, they are able to wear heavy plate armor and can use nearly every weapon in the game, but they lack the Guardian’s large shield equipment and thus have a lower total defense. They do, however, boast a higher offense than the Guardians, having many “ace-moves”, albeit with long cool downs, and can chain large combos in a short period of time, but leave themselves vulnerable at the end of each. Their main flaw is their difficulty which often requires incredible insight, but an experienced Samurai is certainly one to behold. Due to overwhelming support for the class, Unfounded Kingdom chose to implement it rather than exclude it like in other servers.

    Skills : UNKNOWN
    Classification : Specialist
    Starting Classes (3) Fohzmh
    Swashbuckler can equip any type of one-handed weapons in both hands, making them the only true dual-wielding class. Their damage per hit is far less than that of the Assassins, but they have a much higher attack speed and can inflict a number of debuffs, such as reducing attack, defense, and evasion, reducing their target’s strengths and amplifying their weaknesses. They also learn skills that follow the concept of “the more enemies there are, the more attacks I have” and in large enough concentrations of enemies, their total DPS can match or even surpass Assassins.

    Skills : UNKNOWN
    Classification : warrior
    Starting Classes (3) Dheakm
    Sorcerers are considered the magic equivalent of Assassins, boasting the highest magic output. Their attacks have many attributes and compared to Weapon-based classes, have a rich variety of AoE attacks. There are the occasional Sorcerers who go for a Spellsword build, which is significantly more risky but rewarding if performed well. Due to their high damage output, Sorcerers should be mindful of stealing aggro for they do not have the necessary defense to sustain survival for very long.

    Skills : UNKNOWN
    Classification : Mage


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