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    [DONE] Isabel


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    [DONE] Isabel Empty [DONE] Isabel

    Post by Siren on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:38 pm

    Name: Monica Isabel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: April 25th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Occupation: Property Manager (Part-time,) Sunday School Teacher, Roleplayer, Musician, Political Sciences and Theology Student.

    Monica Isabel resembles, for lack of a better term, a Dictator. She is someone who loves and enjoys being in control. It matters not how she gets into the position of power, only that she will do anything in her ability in order to obtain and keep it. She is strong and stubborn in nature. It is said she is a sociopath especially more so due to her seemingly unfeeling nature. Whether or not it rings true is yet to be seen and proved (by professionals.) In a room surrounded by strangers, she would most likely lay against the wall and observe them. She remains quiet and never speaks until she has the need to.

    She is a person who cares little about others or so it seems. Although it may appear, as portrayed above, that Isabel is an unfeeling vessel, there are instances where it all contradicts. Contrary to the above, Monica can be caring. Especially to those she is really close to. When around friends and people she loves and cares for, Isabel is happy and carefree. She enjoys spending time with them and surrounding herself with what friendship and love brings. To strangers and those she has not familiarized with, she cares little and may seldom try to start communication with them. Isabel is oftentimes seen over thinking things. She  may makes thinks more complicated than what they need to be, but, to her, complicated situations are easy as pie.

    Isabel is a lover of music and art so much so that she is also a critic. Close to any mistake, no matter how small, she can pinpoint and criticize if she feels the need to. This leads her to be a perfectionist and may oftentimes cause people to resent her. To Isabel, she cares little if people like her or not. This is due to her past and the strength it has given her to go through with life and seek the happiness it can bring everyday. Isabel, although she claims to be, has not come to terms with her past. She frequently visits her past and, in the midsts of the night, may be found crying soundless tears in the middle of her darkened room. Yet, in the day, she seems to be fine as she is someone who hates to appear weak. In the end, Isabel is a walking contradiction. Yet on thing remains for certain, she is a manipulator. As to how she shall fare every day, well, only the future knows what it has in store for her.

    - Numbers. Isabel enjoys anything involving mathematics.
    - Technology. She loves it and, in a way, cannot live without it.
    - Cats. Isabel is a lover of cats.
    - Words/Manipulation.

    - Being Kept In The Dark. She absolutely hates being kept in the dark. Especially when it involves her.
    - Being Challenged. This has earned her the nickname 'Dictator' in the past.
    - White Chocolate. There's something about it that she doesn't like.
    - Appearing Weak/Admitting Defeat.

    - To Find Her Family. Isabel and her family were separated. She wishes to find them and regroup.
    - A better life. She believes that there is a better life and world out there.
    - Surviving. She is motivated every day to keep on going with every day life.
    - To Do Nothing... o.o

    - Spiders. It's not spiders that scare her but rather the 'killing' part does. She's weird like that.
    - Losing Someone She Cares About.
    - The Dark. She loves the night, but what she's afraid of is walking alone in it. Who knows what's out there?
    - Being Alone. It's the worst possible feeling, especially during a zombie apocalypse.

    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Redwood Brown (bright day)/Dark Browns and or Black (non bright days/night)
    Height: 5ft 6inches
    Weight: 146lbs
    Complexion: Pale, Fair Skin

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