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    Dice & Weapons Update


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    Dice & Weapons Update  Empty Dice & Weapons Update

    Post by Itchy on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:10 am

    Prize Claim:
    - Thread must be complete.
    - The thread must be properly ended by all characters
    - Any used materials in the thread will not be given
    - The moderator has the right to NOT reward the participants if they believed that you; Godmodded, cheated, killed zombies in an unreasonable way, used an item that you would never have, OR did not apprehend each zombie.
    - After a check, the thread will be locked to show that it was checked.
    - If you are in a thread by yourself, you may not roll more than x2 per post. All posts must exceed 100 Words MINIMUM.

    Knives have been updated to be on profile. As a result, you will be limited in how many knives are on your person. In short, you can only keep so many knives from your threads and bring them into new ones.


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