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    2.) Races & Information


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    2.) Races & Information  Empty 2.) Races & Information

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:50 pm

    2.) Races & Information  Coolte11
    Below you will find all of the races of Wonder Tale. New races may be added at a later date
    without notice. These races will define your character, however they will have little to no effect
    on your skills.

    2.) Races & Information  25evclv
    One of the beast-men of good alignment, Catkin have feline-like characteristics with cat ears and fur but not a tail. Their feline characteristics also give them increased dexterity and senses. Obviously, they are popular among cat loving fans.

    Bonuses : UNKNOWN

    2.) Races & Information  5eivcw
    A long-lived race that has a long history of protecting and caring for nature. There are many sub species of elves, however they are all characterized by their pointed ears.

    Bonuses : UNKNOWN

    2.) Races & Information  23jio3a
    Humans are by far the most common race in the world. This is the common race of many of the natives of the land, and are most recognized. They have a good balance in ability stats making them suitable for any class. Adaptability in its prime.

    Bonuses : UNKNOWN

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