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    Post by Simple Sorrows on Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:40 pm

    "There's one person I want to kill. That person is the man looking back at me in the mirror...."

    Name: Albert
    Gender: I'm a boy!
    Age: 19
    Birthday: January 30
    Sexuality: Straight (Is only Bi when he's around Thomas, hardcore bromance)
    Occupation: Daycare Teacher, Musician, Janitor, comic book artist, mechanic, magician and Part Time Roleplayer


    Albert is an odd person, he's the type of guy who's all talk. A dog with a loud bark with no teeth to bite with. He's quick with his words and can easily manipulate people. He can be usually seen with a goofy grin accompanied with a loud obnoxious laugh. To other people it may seem that he can brush off any insult. They see Albert as the class clown, the funny guy, the outgoing man. He's awkward and incredibly clumsy. He is a master of fooling people, he can easily fake his emotions. Albert is a master liar, he hides his true feelings

    Albert is considered to be a good friend, yet at times he's considered to be a moocher. A parasite, a good for nothing guy who rides the coat tails of others to victory. He's nothing more than a coward who only looks for the easy way out. Albert knows this for a fact, thus over the course of his life his hatred for himself has grown. It's come to the point where can't even look into the mirror and look at his reflection in the eye. That is why he is cautious around others, he often times pushes people away. Albert thinks that he'll just be selfish and use them and hurt them.

    Deep down inside Albert is a torrent of emotions, anger, despair, and a shimmer of hope, love and happiness. At times Albert will just randomly vanish with out a word to his friends and loved ones. During those times is when he tries to face his problems alone. He buries his emotions deep into his heart causing permanent emotional damage to himself. Outside he acts confident, but the truth is in no matter what he does he thinks that he's going to fail.

    During battle he's incredibly clumsy, he easily panics and is easily overwhelmed....However, during stressful times his mixture of emotions are released. In a matter of seconds Albert is able to collect himself. During that moment, Albert will become a killing machine. Every fiber of his body will be geared towards survival and blood lust. A doctor once told him, this Violently behavior is probably Albert's way of releasing his deep hatred for himself. During this situation Albert see's his own face on his opponent. He thinks that he is fighting himself....In a sense during that moment Albert is literally trying to kill himself. Once Albert defeats his opponent, he snaps back to his original personality with out an memories of what had just happened....

    - Reading books
    - Hanging out with his friends
    - Playing/Listening music
    - Drawing
    - Crafting
    - Cooking

    - Himself
    - Mirrors
    - Meeting New People

    - Protecting those he cares about
    - Finding Happiness
    - Self Discovery

    - Being alone
    - Being lost in the darkness of his emotions
    - Going insane (little does he know he has already slowly taken the steps to madness)

    Eyes: When Albert was younger, his eyes was a dark blue. Over the years they've become a Dark Brown
    Hair: Black or Brown, depends on the lighting
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 126 pounds
    Complexion: Tan

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