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    7.) Crafting Info


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    7.) Crafting Info

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:45 pm

    Crafting is very simple to preform. Based on what your Crafting Class is, you can do it in many ways.
    Crafting varies from player to player based on preference and the available recipes. Recipes are
    created and formulated by players themselves. And thus will only be available as research is made.
    For information regarding how to research, refer to the Level & AP Info rule sheet.


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    Re: 7.) Crafting Info

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:15 pm

    A common and important class to Wonder Tale. The blacksmith is able to refine scrap metal and old tools into material and upgraded weapons. No matter what class you are, as long as you use anything metal-based, it is necessary for you to gain the favor of these crafters if you want to survive on the frontlines for a long time. Their unparalleled experience with metalwork also makes them excellent partners with prospective mechanics.

    Metal (1-100) - This is a common ingredient to blacksmithing. This can be found in almost every weapon. Based on the level of the item, it will require double the amount in scraps, however only give their value in materials when deconstructed.

    Name: Basic Weapon
    Materials: 1 x Item Level
    Post Requirement: 3 Posts
    Requirement: Level 1 Blacksmithing
    Items Crafted: Metal Axes, Metal Swords, Metal Spears
    Note: HP:17 | DMG:5 [+1]

    Name: Reforging
    Materials: Weapon + 3 Metal
    Post Requirement: 3 Posts
    Requirement: Level 2 Blacksmithing
    Items Crafted: Weapon +10 Modifier

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